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Who we Are ?​

We are your reliable Partners in Game, offering to cooperate around the casino with the mission. We open new possibilities in gambling. That’s why we have awesome content. That’s how you get high profits.

Whу we should become partners?

Prompt Payments

Detailed Reporting

Personalized Promo


commission models

Expert Guidance


We work on the Revenue Share model. It means that we accept all traffic types, so you earn money on newsletters or social networks, or whatever is comfortable for you. Your share could be up to 50%!


If you work with our CPA model, then you get unique conditions. Get an individual profit plan! Contact us to make a personal program.


You can mix the benefits of both models! Schedule your commissions, know their amounts and timing, determine your sources. Ask us any question, and we get all answers immediately.


CHIPTOSS casino is the player's most friendly space.
The gaming world of adventures offers the best experience and all kinds of full-of-fun activities.
We have all those things to make the customer fall in love with us: thousands of games, the most friendly support ever, transparent rules and juicy bonuses. We're always happy to see you and hope you enjoy it!

E- mail

This kind of traffic is perfect if you have an email base. You can invite clients using our tailor-made promo materials, so your work as an email marketer will be more comfortable. Attract your leads with the best promo codes; get your profit!


You can get some benefits if you have an online website dedicated to gambling. We’ll provide you with attractive banners, reviews, pop-ups and other materials. Also, we can make unique bonuses accessible via your site only.


If you think that video is the best for conversion, so are we! Let's make streaming and Youtube videos together! Attract your subscribers with cool vids and exciting offers.

Teaser and Banner

Teaser and Banner — that's all you need? Bueno! Let's collaborate! You get landings with high conversion, visually attractive banners, and engaging bonuses for your leads.


Do you prefer social networks? Nice! Groups, publics, channels are at your disposal. Yes, we help you organize campaigns with our materials adapted for Facebook, Instagram, VK, Telegram, and many more.

    • Affiliates is an affiliate program; by joining it, you become CHIPTOSS partner. That allows you to earn money with your website(s). You will receive a percentage of the players-generated revenue promoting CHIPTOSS on your platforms and referring your audience to us. An excellent way to make some extra cash from your website and its content, isn't it?

    • The main PartnersInGame partner program's principles are fairness and transparency. We do not use tricks, hidden conditions and ambiguous phrases.

      No pitfalls, etc.

    • Actually, you can be whoever you want! We are glad to see here both persons and companies.

    • Easy as a pie: all you need to do is fill the registration form. We'll validate your account and welcome you as a PartnersInGame affiliate — CHIPTOSS casino's partner.

    • Well, of course! We're always happy to guide you, just contact us here. If we're available, we'd love to have a chat with you. Otherwise, just drop us a line on our e-mail address, and we'll get back as soon as we can.

    • Right here

    • PartnersInGame is easy as a piece of cake:

      Join PartnersInGame affiliate program.
      Access your marketing material by logging into an affiliate account.
      Use your website(s) for CHIPTOSS casino promotion.
      Every new depositing player that came to us from your sources will help you to earn a commission.
      We check up the net gaming revenue generated by your players for a month and calculate your share from this amount at the end of each month.

    • By default, you will receive the standard revenue share deal, but we are open to communication and ready to discuss reasonable alternatives.

    • UP to 50 % , depending on the First Depositors amount you are generating.

    • PartnersInGame Affiliates offers custom CPA plans based on an affiliate's individual circumstances. For more details, contact us! Together with dedicated affiliate managers, you can discuss all you need and get access to the required information.

    • PartnersInGame Affiliates offers custom CPA plans based on an affiliate's individual circumstances. For more details, contact us! Together with dedicated affiliate managers, you can discuss all you need and get access to the required information.

    • Specify your payment details in your PartnersInGame account, and we'll handle the rest.

      PartnersInGame provides you with reliable, fast, well-known (and trustworthy, respectively) payment methods to make your money withdrawals as easy as possible:

      • Bank transfer

      • Crypto Currency

      • Neteller

      • Skrill (Moneybookers)

    • PartnersInGame transfers your commission via the payment method that you specified as preferred for withdrawals. Payment processed up to 15-20-days period after the end of the month when the commission was earned, or the withdrawal threshold reached. The minimum payout is €100, and the amount is transferred to the next month if the limit isn't met.

    • No worries, we'll carry the amount over to the next month, once you accumulate €100 or more, we will pay out your commission.

    • We use cookies for referred players tracking. In essence, anytime your website viewer clicks a link or a banner with code embedded in it, our system notes it when new visitors follow to CHIPTOSS. Once they've signed up, they'll be registered as your player.

    • Creating a new tracker couldn’t be easier:
      Log into your affiliate account
      Expand the ‘My Account' menu
      Click ‘Marketing Sources’
      Click the ‘Add’ button
      Fill in the details on how the tracker will be used
      Click 'Save', and you have your new tracker
      In our media gallery you can browse your available marketing material, add your tracker(s), and start promoting CHIPTOSS."

    • Accessing your reports is quick and simple:

      Log into the affiliate system
      Select ‘Reports’ in the top menu structure
      Select the report you want to view

    • We know you may want to see how things are going at a glance. So we pay a lot of attention to ensure up-to-date information is available at a moment's notice. Data (like views and clicks) is available in near-real-time, while other stats — including your new depositing players and net revenue share — are updated once in a couple of hours.

    • That's great! Just login to your account, get a tracking code for each site post up links, and start making money on your source.

      By creating multiple marketing sources for each website, you'll even be able to track each website's performance using a unique tracking code. The same can be done for different sub-pages on a single website as well.

    • We do our best to check all accounts for 24 hours.

    • It's easy to explain who a sub-affiliate is. It's a person or company that joined the PartnersInGame affiliate program after your redirection. As you've promoted our program and spread awareness of us through the entire Internet, you're entitled to a cut of the revenue your sub-affiliates generate.

    • It's even easier than you can think to contact your dedicated account manager, who will provide you with a sub-affiliates referral link that you will give to your sub-affiliate.

    • Banners
      Landing pages
      HTML templates

    • Just contact your manager, and we will help you.

    • The PartnersInGame interest is to promote CHIPTOSS in exciting and innovative ways. In this case, if you have a unique idea, share it with us! We can't promise we'll go for it, but we're always happy to support your concept if we can.

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