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Every one of us dreams of passive income, isn’t it? Earn money while you sleep sounds like a dream. With an affiliate marketing program, you have such an opportunity. All you need is to tell about different products and services, and for that, you will earn a commission.

Who will be

Anyone can be
Anyone interested in our business content can work with Toss Friends.

Why is Referral important?

Referral is important because it shows that our business is doing the right thing and that our clients trust you.

Components of a


The amount of reward
Offer conditions 
Fame and reputation of the advertiser

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Why People Love Us

What's the golden rule for referrals?
The golden rule of

“Do to others as you would have them do to you”

applies to recommendations as well.

Referred customers are 18% more loyal than customers acquired through other means. Referred customers are 4x more likely to refer more customers to your brand. Customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher customer retention rate.

B2C marketing is all about offering rewards in exchange for referrals. It can be an incentive to encourage customers to tell their friends and family about your company. That's why you need to be a reliable company as much as you want to be involved.

Plan to share

In addition to rewarding successful referrals, it is important to the program to let potential customers decide that your product or service is actually used and suitable for them. Also, if you have posts and videos, sharing will be even easier.

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